Smooth Moves


Banana, mango diced, mango yogurt, sorbet, milk




Smoothies are a healthy choice any time of day; they are perfect as a filling snack, quick breakfast on the go, or nutritious beverage. This Smooth Moves consists of banana, diced mango , mango yogurt, sorbet, and milk, making it a perfect choice for a healthy beverage. We also have other kinds of smoothies for you to choose from, such as Berry Madness, Freezy Lizzy and Mad Mango. Explore our delicious and healthy collection of frozen smoothies at Madpatties menu today.

Healthy Beverage to Start the Day

Discover a world of vibrant flavors and refreshing goodness with our tantalising selection of smoothies. From luscious fruit blends to nutritious green concoctions, our collection of handcrafted beverages is designed to delight and invigorate. Indulge in a symphony of fresh ingredients, expertly combined to create a perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Whether you’re seeking a tropical escape or a revitalising boost, our smoothies are crafted to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body. With each sip, experience the refreshing sensation and vibrant burst of flavors that will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day. Quench your thirst and treat your senses to the ultimate beverage experience with our delectable selection of smoothies.


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